WordVolcano TM is a powerful tool to be used by players of crossword games like Scrabble TM and Words With Friends (R). No ads! No gimmicky add-on pricing. Unlike other apps you get it all for one price!

You provide the strategy and execution, the WordVolcano app searches through the word list or dictionary with unmatched precision and speed. Clean, simple, usable! Fun!

Finding the other apps to be too complicated and “ultimate”? Use WordVolcano TM.

It’s simple! Use the WordVolcano TM app to learn and take your game to the next level. Use it with live in-person play to check valid moves and lookup definitions. Watching a tournament? Use the WordVolcano TM app to make your fantasy moves!

Don’t slow yourself down scrolling through lists of words using anagrams or long sorted lists. The WordVolcano TM app let’s you search the way crossword players think and play the game.

You know the letter or word fragment on the game board that you want to connect with. You know the letters in your tray. You know the number of letters to fill the space. Use the WordVolcano TM app to quickly screen the official word list. Scan through the possibilities quickly.

For crossword puzzles find the words that fit. Check their definition by tapping on the word which will take you to dictionary.reference.com. Internet connectivity required.

WordVolcano TM Version S is configured for Scrabble TM players. This includes the TWL word list and the Scrabble TM letter weightings. Over 167,000 words are in common between the Scrabble TM and Words with Friends (R) word lists. WordVolcano ª Version S is useful with many crossword games.

* The entire 178,000 plus word list is included. * Thumb typing friendly! * Fields are saved so re-entry is not required when switching between apps. * Blank tiles are handled for the Letter Tray. * Check out the unmatched two-part search for letters on your game board. See website for details.

WordVolcano is a trademark of Richey CS LLC.

All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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