Word cheats

When people see apps like WordVolcano™ or related apps they sometimes say “word cheats” (a generic reference) or “that’s cheating!”.

We at WordVolcano™ don’t like cheating. The Merriam-Webster® dictionary refers to “the use of deceit or fraud” or “to violate rules dishonestly”. To cheat is to break a trust with your fellow players. When using apps like WordVolcano™ establish the ground rules with your fellow players. If playing a tournament respect the rules.

We believe there are players (like us) that enjoy these games for the strategy, for finding the clever play. Most of the two-letter words are not part of anyone’s working vocabulary. I’m don’t use “ZOOGEOGRAPHICAL” or “ETHYLENEDIAMINETETRAACETATES” in my everyday speech, but I’m excited to use them in a play! Most learners consult dictionaries or word lists. I’ve actually added a few new words to my vocabulary from using WordVolcano™.

Don’t use apps that advocate cheating! Establish ground rules. Use your head! Have Fun!

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