Catching a Bingo!

Let’s talk about some of the power moves using WordVolcano™.

If all seven tiles in the letter tray can be used in a single play a big time bonus is awarded. With Scrabble™ the bonus is 50 points. With Words with Friends® the bonus is 35 points.

On the first play all that is necessary is to load the WordVolcano™ LetterTray. Then look for a word in the results that uses all seven letters. The longest words are presented first so check the top lines to see if they contain 7 letters.

WordVolcano Bingo Example 1


Assume the letter tray contains “DHUTERA”.

Tap Search. Looking at the results we see the top word “THREAD” has only 6 letters. No Bingo possible right now. OK not a great demo but it shows that the possibility of a Bingo can be quickly checked out. Sometimes eliminating the possibility.

Let’s enter “THREAD” on the game board.


Assume our next letter tray containes “UTIESAS”. For a Bingo we need to use all 7 of these letters plus tie with one of the letters in “THREAD”.

One trick is to add a “Blank Tile” to the Letter Tray field. Normally the letter tray only holds 7 letters. For this scenario WordVolano™ allows an 8th letter to use as a “wildcard”. Sounds exotic!! Tap Search.

WordVolcano Bingo Example 3Notice the new field in the results between the words and the points. It starts with “?:”. The character which follows is the “wildcard” letter.

“SUITCASE” needed a “C”.

“SITUATES” needed a “T”.

“SINUATES” needed an “”N”.

The existing word “THREAD” contains no “C” or “N” but it does contain a “T”. We can make a Bingo with “SITUATES”! A nice bonus of 35 or 50 points is yours!

WordVolcano Bingo Example 4

The choice of moves is yours! WordVolcano™ helps you evaluate the possibilities quickly and efficiently! Have Fun!

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