Word is spreading about WordVolcano with Lexulous and Hanging with Friends players!

Players of Lexulous™ and Hanging with Friends™ have told us how much they enjoy using WordVolcano™ when they play.

One Lexulous player claimed her total score increased 50 points using WordVolcano™ over other methods. Way to GO!

One of our 14 year testers played six simultaneous Words with Friends games! Didn’t win them all but reported that he had an awesome time!

We like to say “You provide the strategy and execution, the WordVolcano app searches through the word list or dictionary with unmatched precision and speed.” Have Fun!

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Two WordVolcano Versions: for Scrabble players and for Words with Friends players!

The Words with Friends® version of WordVolcano™ is now available! This WordVolcano™ is called version F. It uses the word list and letter weights for Word with Friends®. This word list is constantly changing in response to inputs from players.

The other version of WordVolcano™ is tuned for Scrabble™. It is called version S. This version uses the word list and letter weights for Scrabble™.

There are about 160,000 words that are in common between the versions. So as a practical matter you can use either Ver S or Ver F for both games. If you have a favorite game then go with the version tuned for that game to maximize your game..

You decide the strategy, the possibilities, the plays. WordVolcano™ quickly and efficiently filters through the word lists. Have fun!

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Word cheats

When people see apps like WordVolcano™ or related apps they sometimes say “word cheats” (a generic reference) or “that’s cheating!”.

We at WordVolcano™ don’t like cheating. The Merriam-Webster® dictionary refers to “the use of deceit or fraud” or “to violate rules dishonestly”. To cheat is to break a trust with your fellow players. When using apps like WordVolcano™ establish the ground rules with your fellow players. If playing a tournament respect the rules.

We believe there are players (like us) that enjoy these games for the strategy, for finding the clever play. Most of the two-letter words are not part of anyone’s working vocabulary. I’m don’t use “ZOOGEOGRAPHICAL” or “ETHYLENEDIAMINETETRAACETATES” in my everyday speech, but I’m excited to use them in a play! Most learners consult dictionaries or word lists. I’ve actually added a few new words to my vocabulary from using WordVolcano™.

Don’t use apps that advocate cheating! Establish ground rules. Use your head! Have Fun!

All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Thanks for Trying WordVolcano


Welcome to WordVolcano™.

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