Word is spreading about WordVolcano with Lexulous and Hanging with Friends players!

Players of Lexulous™ and Hanging with Friends™ have told us how much they enjoy using WordVolcano™ when they play.

One Lexulous player claimed her total score increased 50 points using WordVolcano™ over other methods. Way to GO!

One of our 14 year testers played six simultaneous Words with Friends games! Didn’t win them all but reported that he had an awesome time!

We like to say “You provide the strategy and execution, the WordVolcano app searches through the word list or dictionary with unmatched precision and speed.” Have Fun!

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Two WordVolcano Versions: for Scrabble players and for Words with Friends players!

The Words with Friends® version of WordVolcano™ is now available! This WordVolcano™ is called version F. It uses the word list and letter weights for Word with Friends®. This word list is constantly changing in response to inputs from players.

The other version of WordVolcano™ is tuned for Scrabble™. It is called version S. This version uses the word list and letter weights for Scrabble™.

There are about 160,000 words that are in common between the versions. So as a practical matter you can use either Ver S or Ver F for both games. If you have a favorite game then go with the version tuned for that game to maximize your game..

You decide the strategy, the possibilities, the plays. WordVolcano™ quickly and efficiently filters through the word lists. Have fun!

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Word cheats

When people see apps like WordVolcano™ or related apps they sometimes say “word cheats” (a generic reference) or “that’s cheating!”.

We at WordVolcano™ don’t like cheating. The Merriam-Webster® dictionary refers to “the use of deceit or fraud” or “to violate rules dishonestly”. To cheat is to break a trust with your fellow players. When using apps like WordVolcano™ establish the ground rules with your fellow players. If playing a tournament respect the rules.

We believe there are players (like us) that enjoy these games for the strategy, for finding the clever play. Most of the two-letter words are not part of anyone’s working vocabulary. I’m don’t use “ZOOGEOGRAPHICAL” or “ETHYLENEDIAMINETETRAACETATES” in my everyday speech, but I’m excited to use them in a play! Most learners consult dictionaries or word lists. I’ve actually added a few new words to my vocabulary from using WordVolcano™.

Don’t use apps that advocate cheating! Establish ground rules. Use your head! Have Fun!

All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Two Part Search

One of the unique features of WordVolcano™ is “Two Part Search™”. It is a sizzling power play!

“Two Part Search™” is the amazing feature of the Letters on Board field to take two word fragments separated by question marks “?”‘s. These “?”‘s act as “wild cards” or “don’t cares” during the search. Any letters will work in place of the “?”‘s. For example we could enter “C?T”. That would match with words that contain “CAT”.

As a game progresses the board gets more crowded. It is common for vertical words or horizontal words to be separated by 1 blank vertical column or horizontal row. See the example below.

WordVolcano Two Part Search Example 1“FIG” and “VERITY” are vertical columns. They are connected by the word “GURGE”. Likewise “GURGE” and “TWEET” are horizontal rows connected by “VERITY”. The space between “FIG” and “VERITY” is open for play. So is the space between “GURGE” and “TWEET”.

It is not easy to play those spaces but WordVolcano™ can make it easy!

A letter tray might contain “IIIMELR”. Enter those letters into the Letter Tray field.

One possibility would be to find words that fit in the space “F”, open tile, “V”. Let’s enter this into the Letters on Board field as “F?V”. Make sure “Any” is selected. Tap Search.

WordVolcano Two Part Search Example 1

We see there are two words that fit: “FIVE” and “FIVER”! You might have thought of that but WordVolcano™ does it so fast and easy.






Another possibility would be to find words that fit in the space “E”,open tile,”E” (vertically).

WordVolcano Two Part Search Example 2

Enter this into the Letters on Board field as “E?E”. Tap Search. There are three words that fit: “MELEE”, “EMEER”, and “ELEMI”. Those are power words!





A bit more difficult is the horizontal space “I”, open tile, “E” (horizontally). It’s more challenging because any words would have to work with the “U” in “GURGE”. That is, a valid two letter word would need to be found ending with “U”. Do you see that on the board?

WordVolcano Two Part Search Example 3

Enter “I?E” in the Letters on Board field. Tap Search. Only 1 word fits: “MILER”. So the question is whether the “L” between the “I” and the “E” forms a valid word, “LU”. Also the “R” would have to form a valid word with the “G”, “RG”. YOU may know the answer but let’s check it out.




Tap the “Tap to Exclude” button to temporarily remove the Letter Tray field from our Search. Put “LU” in the “Letters on Board” field, move the Thumb Wheel to limit the word length to 2 letters, and tap Search. Nope, there are no valid words.

For practice do the same thing with “RG”. Nope, there are no valid words. We have eliminated the possibility of a “I?E” play.

One more to try. “G”, open tile, “W” (vertical). Again the open tile would need to form a valid word with “I” (a two letter word starting with “I”).

Tap “Tap to Include” to put the Letter Tray back into our search. Move the Thumb Wheel back to “No”.

Enter “G?W” in the Letters on Board field. Tap Search. Sorry, no words would fit.

So we just rapidly checked though four pretty challenging plays. The first combination, “F?V” seems to have the most points but that is without multipliers. Wow that was fun!

As always you pick the strategies and WordVolcano™ helps you to rapidly sort through the possibilities. Have Fun!


Catching a Bingo!

Let’s talk about some of the power moves using WordVolcano™.

If all seven tiles in the letter tray can be used in a single play a big time bonus is awarded. With Scrabble™ the bonus is 50 points. With Words with Friends® the bonus is 35 points.

On the first play all that is necessary is to load the WordVolcano™ LetterTray. Then look for a word in the results that uses all seven letters. The longest words are presented first so check the top lines to see if they contain 7 letters.

WordVolcano Bingo Example 1


Assume the letter tray contains “DHUTERA”.

Tap Search. Looking at the results we see the top word “THREAD” has only 6 letters. No Bingo possible right now. OK not a great demo but it shows that the possibility of a Bingo can be quickly checked out. Sometimes eliminating the possibility.

Let’s enter “THREAD” on the game board.


Assume our next letter tray containes “UTIESAS”. For a Bingo we need to use all 7 of these letters plus tie with one of the letters in “THREAD”.

One trick is to add a “Blank Tile” to the Letter Tray field. Normally the letter tray only holds 7 letters. For this scenario WordVolano™ allows an 8th letter to use as a “wildcard”. Sounds exotic!! Tap Search.

WordVolcano Bingo Example 3Notice the new field in the results between the words and the points. It starts with “?:”. The character which follows is the “wildcard” letter.

“SUITCASE” needed a “C”.

“SITUATES” needed a “T”.

“SINUATES” needed an “”N”.

The existing word “THREAD” contains no “C” or “N” but it does contain a “T”. We can make a Bingo with “SITUATES”! A nice bonus of 35 or 50 points is yours!

WordVolcano Bingo Example 4

The choice of moves is yours! WordVolcano™ helps you evaluate the possibilities quickly and efficiently! Have Fun!

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Basics of Using WordVolcano

When playing word games like Scrabble™ and “Words with Friends” ® you are working with the game board and a list of letters appearing in your “letter tray” or “rack” that have been randomly assigned to you from a “bag” of letter tiles. Unless it is the first play of the game, words must be formed from letters already appearing on the board.

Letters from the letter tray should be entered into the Letter Tray field in the upper left of the app.

WordVolcano with letter tray example Assuming your letter tray contains:GDPOPES, enter these letters in the Letter tray field. The ordering of the letters does not matter.

Then tap the Search button to apply the Letter Tray settings to the word list. In the example there are 65 words found to match the Letter Tray.

The longest words are shown first. On the right the basic point value of the word is shown. Multipliers i.e. “TW”, “DW”, “TL”, “DL” and bonuses like “bingo” are not included in the shown point value. In the example the longest word is ” SOPPED” with a value of 11 points.

For the next play, we might now find our letter tray to contain “GGANEUA”. We enter those letters in the same field we used above, the Letter Tray field.

Let’s try some possible moves. Say we wanted to tie with the letter “S” in SOPPED”. We enter “S” on the “Letters on Board” field, upper right. Then tap “Search”.

WordVolcano Using Letters on Board ExampleNote there are 57 words in the result. There is an “S” in all the resulting words. Sometimes the “S” begins the word, sometimes it is at the end of the word, and other times it is in the middle. This corresponds with the “Any” selection in the switch just below the “Letters on Board” field. If you only want words that begin with “S” select  “Begin”. Or, select “End” in the switch for words that end that way.

The “Letters on Board” field can contain multiple letters i.e. a word fragment. For example we could have entered “UES” in the field. That would have resulted in 3 words including “GANGUES”. Try it!

Since this is the second play we might prefer a word with “S” in the middle so we select “NAUSEA” (not to make you feel bad!). You can check the definition of any word in the list by selecting it on the screen. You must be internet connected as it will take you via Safari to dictionary.reference.com.

WordVolcano Using Definition Lookup ExampleSee  the play below.

WordVolcano Board Example1







For the next move we find we’ve been given “GGODIGW” for our letter tray. Lets try connecting with “P” on the board.

Only 9 words show in the result list. Hmmm, that seems suspicious! We can reassure ourselves by tapping on the “Tap to Exclude” button. The Letter Tray is greyed out but the letters remain. Let’s see if there are more words that begin with “P”. Select “Begin” on the switch. If we tap Search we find there are 15066 words! Well I thought so!

I was really thinking of a 5 letter word that starts with “P”. Use the thumbwheel to limit the word length to 5 letters. Tap Search.

WordVolcano Using Word Limit Example

Yes, there are words in the wordlist but none can be built out of the Word Tray.

Use the “Tap to Include” button,  and the Word Tray will once again be included in the search.





One last “Basic”. Sometimes you will be given one or two “blank tiles”. Words can be found with these “blank tiles” where the “blank tiles” are filled in by the player to be any of the valid characters.

Once again WordVolcano™ helps you select words quickly and efficiently!

Assume your word tray has one blank tile and the following letters “GGODIG”. Enter the “blank tile” as a “?”. Enter “GGODIG?”. Clear any letters out of the “Letters on Board” field by tapping on the X or backspacing. Tap Search.

WordVolcano Using Blank TilesIn the results is another field between the word and the points. It starts with “?:”. The letter that follows is the letter used to select the word.

Look back at the board. Based on what was found we could easily tie with the “N” in “NAUSEA” or the “E” in “SOPPED”. Since the points for “PIGGED” are a bit higher let’s go with it (though be careful of the multipliers as other candidate words could be better!).



WordVolcano Example2

In these examples we may or may not have chosen the best play. That is for you the player to decide. But WordVolcano™ lets you work thru the possibilities very fast! Good Luck!

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Thanks for Trying WordVolcano


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