PbRater has 6 views: Match, Comments, Match History, Player List, Evaluator, and Info.

The app starts up in the Match view. This is where the counters for Winners, Unforced Errors and Popups (the metrics) are found. These are the principle drivers of a match rating. These are augmented by the RSA (Rating Subjective Adjustment) switches. In addition to adjusting the Delta RSA pluses and minuses the switches also enable space in the Comments View.

It is best if the Player and Evaluator information is supplied before beginning a match. Clicking on the Evaluator field will take the user to the Evaluator view. The evaluator’s name should be entered in the top box. Below that is the evaluator’s email address. This is used as a mandatory address for the Rating Results email. Below that can be seen the evaluator’s initials. These are automatically calculated based the name box and are returned to the Match view. Select “back” to return to the Match view.

Clicking on the Player Name field will take the user to the Player List view. This view is the place to enter new players into the list and to select players that already have been entered. A player’s name and player’s email address (optional) should be entered into the top two fields. To be added to the list the “Add Player to list and Select” link must be clicked.

Enter a player’s email address and turn on the “Include Player in Rating email” switch to also include the player in the Rating email. If the player’s email is not initially added with a new player, a player can be selected from the list and an email added then. Clicking on “Back” returns to the Match view and stores any email address changes.

In the Match view the type of match: Men’s Double, Women’s Double, or Mixed Double can be selected.

During a match the evaluator taps the Unforced Errors, Popups and Winners counters. Green buttons add to the count. Red buttons subtract from the count if an error is made. The evaluator can also use the RSA switches as appropriate which tap on and off.

Once the match is complete the Match metrics can be saved by clicking on “Comment and Save this game”. This will take the user to the Comments view. Comments will appear in the Rating email. General comments can be entered in the top box. Any RSA comment boxes will appear as white boxes. Click on each of the boxes and use the internal keyboard to enter comments. Comment boxes can be exited by clicking on any other comment box or by entering return.

When match metrics and comments are complete the match can be saved by clicking on “Save Match”. Up until that click a match’s comments, counts, RSA, and even player’s name can be changed. Just back up and go to any of the appropriate views. Note, only one player can be evaluated during a single match. The “Save Match” click saves it into the Match History view.

The Match History View shows the matches which are being or have been included in a Rating. Each match shows as a line in the list with its respective date, match type, metrics, match rating and comments indicator (“C”). Four matches are aggregated to produce a rating. This is shown as an additional line in the list. The four matches above it are the matches used in the rating. Clicking on a match line ending with “C” will show the comments which were saved.

Once a Rating has been produced an email can be sent to the evaluator and optionally the player by clicking on “Send Results as Email”. The user will be taken to the email service and any edits can be performed there. The email will reference the last rating in the list. If an insufficient number of matches have be completed (less than 4) then the email only shows header information.

Click on “Rate Next Match” to return to the Match view and to do the next match. At this point another player can be added or selected from the Player List view.

Back on the Match view the user can also click on “Info” to see the built-in help information. The user can also click on the “Show games in rating” link at any time. This will take the user to the Match History view.

A few house cleaning options are available. On the Match History view is a “Manage” link. This will bring up a popup with two opportunities. 1. Erase all the matches for the selected player. Click on “OK” to erase all the selected player’s matches. 2. Delete the Last Match. In general once a match is saved it cannot be changed. This option is the one chance to back out the last saved match, assuming that some error was made with match data. If neither option is desired click on “Cancel”.

The Player List view also has a “Manage” option. In this case “OK” will erase all the matches for all the players. Click “Cancel” if complete erasure not intended. “Backup” will send another email which we may discuss in another posting.

Also on the Player List view is the “Edit” option. Clicking on “Edit” will show the list deletion controls. A specific player can be deleted by clicking on the red control. When done click on “Done”, which is where the “Edit” link used to be.

Have Fun!