What counts during competitive play?


This app measures these three factors during play and calculates the players net rating. Simple but very accurate.

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Rate four games to get a good evaluation of those players. The app will not give you an average rating on less than four games. It is good practice to allow a warm up game before rating a player. 
This system is designed to be used in doubles and mixed doubles. 
The system works best when all four players are of equal or nearly equal skill levels. 
Record ALL unforced errors, pop-up and winners using the green record buttons. You can adjust for errors with the red subtraction area if needed.

Rater Subjective Analysis (RSA). 
This app gives flexibility reflecting the rater observation of factors (up to 2) both positive and negative. Should be rarely used. Objectivity is key in using this app and the auto calculation within the program.

Negative factors might be; Poor positioning, lack of communication with the partner, lack of rules knowledge, illegal serve, or poor sportsmanship. 

Positive factors might include not playing up to potential, partner over shadowing ratee, or making extraordinary plays. The RSA allows the rater to adjust the Net Rating score to reflect, in the rater’s opinion, a more accurate rating.

Observation Reminders

Soft game, angles, dink or drill, return serve consistency, drops shots, split stance, team positioning, reaction level, serve consistency, shuffling, net position, lobs,
lob return, middle shots, down the line

  1. Unforced Errors (E). This is a shot that clearly should have been made by the ratee. Examples include a missed return, hitting a shot out, hitting into the net, hitting any shot that gives the opponent an easy advantage.
  2. Pop-Ups (P). A ball that is returned to an opponent at head height or higher where the player does not need to take two or more steps backward.
  3. Winner (W). A shot that is not playable without a heroic effort by the opponent. Example include a direct shot at the opponent’s feet, a hard-hit shot that is near impossible to return, a shot so far away from the opponent as to be unlikely to return, a lob over the opponent’s head requiring that person to take multiple steps backward to return or a well-played dink at the net resulting in either a missed return or one that pops up for the rate/his partner to turn into a winner.
  4. Difference (D). The figure resulting from the number of winners and positive RSA points subtracted from the total of Unforced errors and pop- ups and negative RSA points. This is the Delta factor in the app program and will be automatically calculated to a net rating.